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Résumé de la porte ouverte tenue le 15 octobre 2011 : Résumé_porte-ouverte

Summary of the second step of the consultation process : Summary_open_house

Les documents suivants sont proposés aux citoyens désirant participer au processus de consultation publique :

Fiche 0_Introduction

Fiche 1_Mixité sociale

Fiche 2_Occupation optimale

Fiche 3_Logement abordable

Fiche 4_Secteur central

Fiche 5_Centres d’activités

Fiche 6_Patrimoine

Fiche 7_Biodiversité

Fiche 8_Mobilité

Fiche 9_Santé et sécurité

Fiche 10_Bâtiment durable

Fiche 11_Management, recuperation, treatment_ENG

Fiche 12_Viabilité économique

Carte de la vision projetée

Carte de la lecture du milieu

Carte de la biodiversite et des espaces verts

Fiche 0_Introduction_ENG

Fiche 1_Mix_ENG

Fiche 2_Density and intensity_ENG

Fiche 3_Quality and Affordability_ENG

Fiche 4_Dynamics of the central sector_ENG

Fiche 5_Proximity and mix of activity_ENG

Fiche 6_Valorization_ENG

Fiche 7_Biodiversity-ENG

Fiche 8_Transportation and mobility_ENG

Fiche 9_Urban health and security_ENG

Fiche 10_Sustainable building_ENG

Fiche 11_Management, recuperation, treatment_ENG

Fiche 12_Economic viability_ENG

Future Vision_ENG




Présentation_groupe_ciblés [Mode de compatibilité]

Dorval_citizens_skateholders [Mode de compatibilité]

Présentation_comité d’étude [Mode de compatibilité]

Dorval Municipal review committee [Mode de compatibilité]

Résumé « charrette d’idéation diagnostic et enjeux » groupes socio-économique et communautaire

Brainstorming charrette diagnosis and issues Dorval municipal review committee

Résumé « charrette d’idéation » Comité d’étude municipal

Brainstorming charrette diagnosis and issues » Dorval municipal review committee

Guide du participant

Participant Guide_english

Carte de la Cité de Dorval

Plan stratégique 2020 de la Société de transport de Montréal

Plan stratégique de développement du transport collectif de l’Agence métropolitaine de transport

Plan d’action métropolitain pour le logement social et abordable de la CMM

Ancien plan d’urbanisme de Dorval

De plus, il est possible de visionner le film Sagacité, une idée originale de Christian Savard réalisée par Luc Chamberland, et produit par l’organisme Vivre en ville et l’Office national du film du Canada. Ce court métrage d’animation permet de mieux comprendre les enjeux de la lutte aux changements climatiques. Face au défi du réchauffement de la planète, l’urbanisme et l’aménagement du territoire ont un rôle central à jouer; en définissant la forme des collectivités à l’origine de nos habitudes de vie, ils permettent de réduire à la source les émissions de gaz à effet de serre. En cliquant sur le lien suivant, vous aurez accès à une foule d’informations sur le développement durable des collectivités :




  1. I find it interesting that there is so much thought and consideration put into the urban development but the social responsibility of Dorval is not always as predominant. I refer to the blocking of the building of a secure program for adolosecents for Batshaw. Adolescents that although troubled and in trouble, are part of our community. Adolescents that have made mistakes, should be held accountable but should not be someone elses problems. It seems our own backyard is not good enough for our kids. What is ironic is kids in a secure program are actually much, much less likely to ever be seen or be problematic in the community! (their coming and going is very restricted). It saddens me to think we can put so much money, thought and ressources into an urban plan that does not embrace our youth…even our troubled, lost for the moment ones. Is it really better for all that they be placed far away from their homes, families and community ressources??

  2. The city of Dorval had worked with this organization in order to find an ideal location for them that would gather all their clientele.

    • As urban planner for the city I would dare to venture your perspective on this matter aligns with the city of Dorvals and the mayor. Please inform me if incorrect but I believe that Batshaw already has a location they are using and wanted to further develop to meet the needs of our kids. I further believe that this plan was stopped by the city and brought to court. I suspect that one persons defination of an ideal location is not necessarily anothers!

  3. Hi ,

    In order to express yourself on all your concerns, I am inviting you to fill the document intitled « Participant guide » which also target a lot of different topics related to urban planning.

    • Mario St Jean

      The « Participant Guide » should have been index, so we could comment on an individual item

  4. Is there an English version of the STM`s 2020 plan, AMT`s development plan, the afordable housing plan, and the old urban plan for Dorval? Is it included in the other English documents?

  5. I congratulate the city for consulting its citizens with modern technology, since many of us cannot make the meeting today in person. I have 3 suggestions to make. First, the preservation of lake views needs to be strenthened in current municipal bylaws that regulate additions to residences. On my street which had beautiful views of the lake 2 of the houses on the street have built enormous additions which are out of proportion to all other on the street and have completely removed the beauty of the area. As many of the homes in Dorval are older and will be renovated in the near future, this problem will occur again to the distress of many other citizens. The lake is a natural beauty to be enjoyed by all and is the main attraction in Dorval. Second, I have heard that an Aquatic centre in Dorval has been discussed and I would like to underline its importance to families, both with young kids and the elderly. Presently, we all drive to either Lasalle or Point Claire for access to their aquatic centres. If correctly situated, this would be a magnet for other businesses and activites as well. Perhaps in the Jardins Dorval shopping centre which suffers from many vacancies and has a large parking lot which could accomodate, or many of the derelict buildings along Dorval boulevard (eg. the GolfoMax building which is adjacent to the large parking lot behind Bank of Montreal). Third is the importance of having a plan for the old village on lakeshore blvd, something similar to the Point Claire village would be great, the current setup is quite discoordinated.

    • Jean Paul
      I agree 100%, but would like to add:

      1 Batshaw is pulling down our real estate values

      2 City should buy the property & sell it to a developer, for senior condos, & our Pool.

      3 Batshaw is bringing DRUGS to our City, this does not help our youth.( Dorval Ave is know as the place to buy drugs)

      4 Crime rate is going up.

      5 People are affraid to go out at night for a walk, because of the crime.

      Wayland AMY

  6. […] De plus, l’ensemble des documents de consultation de la population sont accessibles par l’entremise de ce site sous l’onglet Documents. […]

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